4th SFCNS Congress

On behalf of the Swiss Federation of Clinical Neuro-Societies (SFCNS), it is our great pleasure to invite
you to the 4th SFCNS Congress scheduled for October 23-25, 2019 in Lausanne.

The following societies will hold their annual meeting on the occasion of the 4th SFCNS Congress 2019 in Lausanne:

  • Swiss Neurological Society SNS
  • Swiss Society of Neurosurgery SSNS
  • Swiss Society of Clinical Neurophysiology SSCN
  • Swiss Society of Neuropaediatrics SSNP
  • Swiss Society of Neuroradiology SSNR
  • Swiss Society of Neuropathology SSNPath
  • Swiss Society of Biological Psychiatry SSBP
  • Swiss Headache Society SHS

More information about the congress will follow.

We hope that this event will be of interest to you and we look very much forward to welcoming you in Lausanne!

Prof. Karl Olof Lövblad, MD
Congress President

Prof. Karl Schaller, MD
President SFCNS